A shout out to the blogger who inspired me to blog

If you wondering whose the guy in the photo above, well that’s the guy who inspired me to blog. Yes it’s true I love to blog but i owe it to him. His name is Zak a ordinary guy whose also a blogger, law student, photographer and a friend. At the time I used to design basic html websites as a freelance website designer but never did design a website for myself because I taught I didn’t have anything worth sharing.

To be honest even though I had knowledge of website design I knew nothing about blogging or what tumblr, blogger, wordpress was. It took me a while like a day or so but my website skills helped me to relate to the blogging platform. My friend Zak educated me about the blogging world and always gave me podcast’s and ebooks to read about blogging. So everything I know now is thanks to him.

So you know now who inspired me. That’s was just the beginning later he told me that I should start a blog cause I’m talented and creative so basically he motivated me. So I did start a blog before this one and it was a graphic design blog. He was right my blog was doing well to the point where people was asking me to collaborate with them on design projects. I would never imagined that I was as talent as that but thanks to blogger Zak and also known as brandedZak now I was able to come out of my box and do something.

Since then I have become a passionate blogger. There was a twist of fate since I was the one to inspire my friend to start a person blog. So that’s when I also decided to start my own personal blog. The beauty of this story is that it took a ordinary person to push me in the right direction. I live a more fulfilling life now cause I love to blog and if I’m busy I just can’t wait until I have to write my next blog post. If you like to visit brandedzak’s blog go to www.brandedzak.wordpress.com. Thanks for visiting and be sure to let me know if anyone has inspire you. I’d love to hear your story.

Personal_note: My advice to anyone is to surround yourself with people who will build you up and inspire you.


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