John maxwell conference at cpt was amazing and I got to be there live :)

Hello bloggers, readers and everyone, I know I’ve been talking about the john maxwell conference for weeks. Well finally I got to go yesterday but was to tired to write this post then ,so I wrote it today. This conference was mind blowing and the man is insightful. Sure before everything started I had to work as a deacon at the church and help people for seating but luckily at that time a few other speakers was talking. So I didn’t miss anything important. Another speaker there Dr David Malapoo he was also a powerful speaker. Being there live is totally different from watching podcasts and dvds.

I wanna go for more conferences like this. Gotta hand it to my pastor clive gopaul for allowing this conference to happen at our church. It was totally motivating. I learnt a lot and now I have to find my own way and apply what I’ve learnt, or I’ll just remain the same and repeat what I’ve been doing over and over again. Something john said that was insightful. He said and I quote the best a I can remember, “sometimes we try to change our situation just to find our self in the same situation later on, but really we need to change ourselves so that our situation also may changes”. Don’t you think that was some powerful words.

The atmosphere was amazing people getting motivated to ignite their dreams. It was like a fire burning on the inside of you at that moment and you just wanted to get up and do something. What I’ve also learnt is you have to be self motivated otherwise you will wait forever for someone to help you. Everything you do should be a step to help you improve.

My taught’s on why these famous entrepreneurs are kinda of mean with their content!

As great as a legend as john maxwell is, I remember a guy saying something on pat flynn’s smart passive income podcast about how some famous entrepreneurs charge a lot of money for a course and their content. That’s kind of disappointing really cause at the conference they mentioned a entrepreneur course that costed a whole lot of money. I admire pat flynn because his open and gives his stuff for free with no sign up or commitment.

Pat flynn is also a successful entrepreneur and makes his content easy and available for free so people can learn and become successful. I understand books and dvd’s people have to buy. Its a digital world where you can blog away with your taught’s. I mean famous entrepreneurs like john maxwell should have free podcasts available instead of going to itunes to pay for it. The man is legendary but if I’ve learnt anything from him ,it would be that you have to find our own way to success. Which means you don’t have to depend on these famous people but learn from them. Lastly didn’t mean to be offensive to you famous entrepreneurs just saying its a digital world you guys can make it more accessible to people who need it. So throw a bone to those who need it and give away stuff online for free ,it won’t cost you much.

#Personal_note: Practice makes perfect and if you want to do something, do it even if you suck at it, because the more you do something the more natural it will eventually become to be.


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