Instagram users I hate you lol.

Its seems that more and more social networks are popping out of nowhere these days. Instagram seems to be one of them. Do we really need instragram, really? I mean there was flickr before, then photo bucket and lately, pinterest and now instagram. Seriously this is to much cause I rather upload photos to facebook or twitter instead of instagram.

Why do I hate you instragram! Because you don’t have a blackberry app and picmix doesn’t count. Iphone and android phones are well equipped for any new app but blackberry is a big NO. The real reason why I do hate you instragram users lol, is cause you’ll make it seem so exclusive and that kinda sucks. Just like facebook, instagram will become just another social network. So don’t get comfortable feeling so special lol.

Besides why do you bother with it do really wanna waste more time on a another social network , isn’t facebook and twitter enough or are you sucha a social media freak. How long before you just go to the next new social media site. So think about where you wanna waste your time careful. Well I guess I made my point and you no now I hate instagram.

I am curious why people use or love it so please comment and let me now why you use instagram and maybe you will have convinced me otherwise.

#personal_note: If you valuable your time you’ll be forced to make more sound decisions to improve your lifestyle.


2 thoughts on “Instagram users I hate you lol.

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog is really lovely, so nice and personal. Your opinion in your posts are so sincere and warm. Keep up the great blogging 🙂

    1. It was my pleasure , saw your link on twitter and decided to check it out your blog and thank you I will do my best. I also love your blog its personal and original will be looking forward to seeing more of your posts. I’m looking to connect with more south african bloggers coz there’s not many of them that I know of. Thank you once again for visiting 🙂

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