I inspired myself with inspirational podasts at the library today!

You better believe it because I declare this a month of motivation. If you hadn’t noticed my posts this month mostly had to do with motivation and inspiration.

Today I was having a frustrating day and I was irritated like you won’t believe. It eventually hit me I was doing the exact same thing I did yesterday. So I decided not to sit at home today. So I got some gear which was a water bottle a note book and my sony ericsson phone loaded with inspiring podcasts. So my gear is packed and so I went to the grounds which wasn’t to far from my home.

Now settled at the grounds I’m seated, so I took out my notepad and pen. We all write down goals but we don’t often organise our goals lists. Like for example : personal goals, career goals, relationship goals and a daily task goals list. By not having my goals in order is no wonder why I was messing myself up. The day got interesting when I didn’t realise that school exams are now over and noticed young girls coming to the grounds and some where in couples doing stuff in certain corners that I will speak off then the police arrives.

The first thing that happen was the police looked at me like a suspect of a crime and asking me a bunch of questions like I was a criminal. Then they told me its not safe here so I left and went to the library. That’s where my inspiration began. I took a bunch of magazines to read and plugged in my earphones to listen to some inspirational podcasts that I downloaded the night before. Nothing better than listening to a podcast at the library because its a peaceful yet charm environment where you won’t be disturbed unlike home.

All I can say is I was motivated and started to think clearly. These podcasts made me realise that I am responsible for my own failure, sure it was had to accept but worth it. Once again I have to give credit to ZAK KHAN a friend cause his the one who got me hooked onto inspiring podcasts. Don’t worry for I will be doing a post soon and will be sharing where I get all my podcast and inspiration from so hope to hear from you guys.

#Person_note: You are as healthy as you eat, that’s goes the same for your mind. If focus and listen to negativity then you will become it. So read inspiring books listen to encouraging podcasts for sure it will change your mindset.


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