You can’t beat the classic fighting movies like bloodsport staring jean claude van dam

Its friday night and I find myself watching a jean claude van dam movie. It was one of his old movies bloodsport and personally one of my favourites. I’ve always been a van dam fan in the past but his new movies kinda suck. You can’t beat his old movies like bloodsport of course also kick boxer1, double impact , sudden death and finally another favourite of mine A.W.O.L. I really miss these type of martial arts movies.

Bloodsport was really a top movie and gives you that old 80s feeling. I guess what made the movies so great was jean claude van dam himself since ,he is a martial artist. These type of tournament movies are out dated and not even the new street fighter or Dead or alive movies is anything like the old van dam movies. Maybe I’m just a sucker for old movies with a chinese master training a student to fight in a tournament and stuff.

I gotta say that last fight scene in bloodsport was epic. Just when you think van dam is winning the evil korea dude throws some kind of power in his eyes but making him kinda semi blind but van dam finally pulls himself together and uses his senses to fight back. Of course a good fight scene isn’t without that epic music that hypes the fight for the good guy to win. But most of all the ending is always most inspiring when the good guy wins and the cool 80s music plays at credits. I’m sure you will agree that the modern fighting movies isn’t like they used to be.

Personal_note: movies is also family time and best time for families to bond.


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