Exploring other social networks and chatting to a married women!

Welcome back from the weekend you awesome bloggers and social media freaks. Talking about social media I’ve been exploring a few new or unheard of social networks. I’m not sure if you heard of the social network Hi5. This site Hi5 is very boring unlike facebook or twitter you can’t really relate to the interface which makes it hard to use.

The second social media site I’ve explored was BADOO. Its fairly easy to use and you don’t have to add friends there, but instead just talk directly to people by inboxing them. I’ve made many friends on it but there is a feature on BADOO that kinda sucks. The thing is when a person gets to many messages from people they are ranked as popular. Being popular is a bad thing because you can’t chat to them unless you buy credit and only then can you send them a message. Mostly sexy girls get high ranked for the record.

I did mention earlier about making friends on this social network but there’s one in particular I wanna talk about. I met this married women and we began to chat. Eventually after getting to know each other a bit she told me to invite her on bbm. So I did thinking well she’s married so we would hardly chat. The next day we started chatting a lot. She even kept me up late at night. So I taught it just for that day but I was wrong. She began to chat to me during day a lot and then keeping me up all night.

Social network sites I used


It started to freak me out cause she’s married and I taught she would at least spend time her husband but she rather be chatting to me. She and her husband isn’t as close as I taught. She’s more of and independent women and goes want she wants. The worst part is she’s a cop and she used live in my area. So I feel stalked now cause a married women is taking most of my time, I can’t take this. So I’ve been keeping my distance and recommending movies she and her hubby could watch. She still won’t leave me alone but it doesn’t mean I can’t ignore her.

#personal_note: Separate business from pleasure or your life will become corrupted and complicated.


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