My passion for graphic design

I’m sure many of you who see me now and think wow his a graphic designer! Its easy for him to say follow your passion. He went to a college and I can’t even afford that. Let me stop you right there. It was because I was passionate that i made a way to learn graphic design but its not the way you think so let me share my story.

I wasn’t always a graphic designer at the time. I was doing website design previously. I didn’t study website design simply learnt it from a few tutorials and ebooks. My websites looked boring so I need to spice things up by adding graphics to them. I had no money to pay someone to design graphics for my clients websites so i had to learnt it the hard way.

So I began to look for free software and blogs where I could learn these skills. It all starts with a google search. Finally after searching hundreds of pages I found a free software called gimp that can do the same things as the premium software photoshop. So I started learning to design graphics. Believe me when I tell you how bad I sucked at it. Regardless of my failed attempts I was still passionate to practice and learn day in and day out. Guess what after 3 years of sucking at it. I have finally become great at being a graphic designer.

A little advice you might want to know?

Following your passionate isn’t always easy. You will get people who will tell you that your wasting your time. It will never work. Your own mind will doubt if you are able to do it. Sometimes we just need to stop thinking and just do what makes us happy. If you hate your job don’t quit just yet. Find out what’s your passion. Once you’ve done that read everything you can or need to know about it. Then you can start by doing it part time if you have a job. Until you are ready to follow your passion full time only then should you quit your job.

This article was inspired by another blogger’s article I read last night. He goes by the name Cristain Mihai. So do me a favour and check out his blog I’m sure he will inspire you like he inspired me. So go to . On other news I like to celebrate this being my 100th blog post. Its been awesome writing all these post and I’ll continue to share my life. My dreams. My mistakes. My successes. Most of all inspiration. If anyone wishes to guess blog with me anytime let me know by email at . I’d love to feature you on my blog so thank you for visiting.

I got some good news but its not official yet. So if everything goes as plan I will launch my new project next month so stay tuned.

#Personal_note: Following your passion isn’t a job its a journey. You learn along the way. You share your experiences and it inspires others.


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