Anime news : is this the end of fairytail

Today all anime fairytail fans will be both happy and sad. I’m sure you heard the rumours that fairytail is coming to an end at episode 155. Today that very episode is released. I just watched episode 155 just now and i gotta say it is one of the best episodes I ever seen. The ending was pretty awesome and had that movie feeling with that to be continued…. At the end. 😦

The creator of fairytail “Hiro mashima” says this isn’t the end of the fairytail anime and for now enjoy the rerun’s. So indeed it will return but no one really know’s for sure when? It was disappointing that it ended just when it was getting to the most interesting part of the story. Guess got no choice but to wait or read the manga until the anime returns.

Personal_note: Small things like movies, cartoons or anime makes life a lot more enjoyable and worth living at times.


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