Finally done with my bucket list!

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OMG! It’s April already you know what that means. No not april fools. It means quarter of the year is already over. This makes you think doesn’t it! What have you done for the last 3 months. What if you die tomorrow. Would you be happy knowing that there was so many things you could of done to make your life more worth while. That’s why I decided to write a bucket list. Life’s to short for regret. I may not complete my entire list but at least I’d die trying.


1. Write an ebook

2. Create an online brand and school to teach graphic design

3. Visit new york city

4. Become successful in the field or niche I’m currently doing

5. Be featured on pat flynn’s smart passive income podcast someday

6. Learn to speak a foreign language

7. Win an award

8. To be able to speak publicly with confidence and motivate others

9. To meet a celebrity local or international, over coffee or dinner

10. Finally I want a beautiful girl friend who shares my interests, must be a little nerdy, have sexy legs and look good with glasses

Its so important to have a bucket list. The list is there to remind you of how much fun life can be or would you just rather go on with your life paying the bills. Eating and sleeping. Doing the same thing over and over. Don’t die with regret. Make the list and attempt the easiest on your list and work your way to the hardest. Like I said before even if I don’t complete my list I rather die trying. My goal this year is to at least complete one item on my bucket list. Completing one item is better than doing nothing.

My favorite item on my bucket list is learning a foreign language. That seems kinda fun. French is my first language of choice I’d like to learn. A close second would be japanese since I like anime. French is meant to seduce girls besides it sounds kinda sexy.

Number 7 on my list is really important to me. I’ve never won anything in my life not even a competition. I plan on working hard so someday so I will be awarded for that hard work. I don’t want an award so that people can acknowledge me but rather as a reminder that this isn’t a dream and I actually did it.

Personal_note: life’s to short for regret. So I’d hope after reading this post you would consider making your own bucket list and live life to the fullest.


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