Hustle till it hurts! Life’s hard

The truth be told I never knew what it meant to hustle! I always taught hustle meant struggle forever. My life right now is hard financially and personally. No luck with finding a job or boosting my freelance career yet! Today I was so frustrated trying to out think or find away to make money. I began to panic because I need money to help my family. Anxiety got me too. When I’m down and depressed I always like to read about success stories of how people from poverty achieve success.

After reading a few success blogs I finally understood what it meant to hustle. You simply have to do everything in your power. Consider every option and make what you have work in your favour. So if you really think about it people who hustle are creative. Smart even! I still may not know what to do but I do feel more confident now that I will. To hustle sometimes means doing something you wouldn’t normally do. Sometimes our strengths isn’t in what we know but rather what we learn in risks we take.

I have to hustle my ass off everyday. Learning skills and looking for ways to improve so someone can hire me for a job. Just because I’m unemployed doesn’t mean I can do nothing. Truth be told I’m not even sure that anyone will hire me because I have a useless cv/resume with no experience. What makes it worst I failed high school didn’t pass the last year. What’s my point here. I didn’t give up. I hustle.

I’m sorry if this isn’t as motivational as I hoped. All I know is other than myself people are suffering because of unemployment. If we had more freelancer’s and self employed companies it would help change that. You could be that change. Things might be bad but I’m saying don’t give up! Hustle. Others have succeeded why not you.

Personal_note: To hustle doesn’t mean you weak. Its means smart enough to keep trying 🙂


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