My dogs are my family too!

Today I just want to express how much my dogs mean to me. I’m not a photographer but I edit photos pretty awesome. So I taught I would share it with my readers and followers. My dogs are my family. I have 2 dogs brandy and king. King is male brown in colour and obsessed with playing the ball. Brandy is female and black in colour. She is also kings mother.

Someone once told me that I don’t trust anyone else to look after my dogs. You what they right. I grew them up from birth so yes I have a close attachment to them like any family member. Just because their animals doesn’t mean they should be treated like animals. If you choose to take a pet into your care then they become part of your family.

I love taking my dogs for walks. They hate having baths. They love getting attention. So I decide to take a few photos and share on my blog and maybe connect with other animal lovers. So if you love dogs like I do. Check out the photos I’ve taken.


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