Almost met the girls of my dreams in church

This morning it is freezing and I have to get up for church. I’m half awake had a bath, brushing my teeth and getting ready for church. Finally done and we reached church and looking for a place to sit. So the deacon leads us to second row from the front to sit down. A few seconds later i noticed this girl looking at me, just one seat a way from me. I didn’t think much of that but was taken by her appearance.

She looked like the girl I’ve always imagine myself dating. She looked cute and was wearing glasses. I have a thing for cute girls with glasses. So to me this was a dream come true. She was wearing a light yellow dress that was slightly below knee length just revealing enough of her legs with high heels. She was beautiful. Looked nerdy and had sexy legs. I knew I will never get a chance to meet someone like her for a while. I’m stressing in my mind how I’m gonna make a move.

Unfortunately I couldn’t do a dam thing to get her attention because sitting between me and her was her mother. When they would pass the offering and giving the communion. It would give me a chance to look at her. She often looked back so there was something there. After church finish I tried get her alone so I could to talk to her but got stuck between the crowd and lost her in the rush of people exiting the church. Easy come easy go but at least I tried this time.

#personal_note: Cease the moment while you can or you will lose the courage to do so if you wait.


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