The church has become a business and not a place of god

The church a place of worship but not anymore. Have you noticed how corporate some big church’s are. They seem to have the money to anything. I go to a big church and they do a lot of charity work. Unfortunately I’m disappointed in my church because there are so many people I know that are suffering, unemployed and hustling in the same church but are ignored.

This kinda breaks my faith worrying if the church is like this! What does it say about God, is he real? I’m starting to doubt a little here. The world is going to shit with the resession. Price hikes. Unemployment. There’s a lady from our church whose terribly struggling and told the leader of our homecell group she’s struggling but still no one from the church takes the time to see how she’s doing or managing.

The truth is I see our church getting richer and richer. Our pastor gets to travel the world but I see the average person getting more poor by the years. The church suppose to help people grow. Please note I’m not saying all churches are like this. I’m just speaking in general from my experience. The church owes it to its people to keep up with how the members of the church are doing. That rarely happens now days the only time they visit is when they need you to do something or fill a seat.

Honestly I’d never help the church. I rather put my effort in helping the unfortunate and people who really needs help. That how jesus was and the church has forgotten that. The church is so 21st century now days branding themselves like a business in the public eye. Our leaders behave like celebrities in the church like there’s no one like them. They got no time for the little people just people with status and power.

I just had to get this of my chest. Hate taking about negative stuff but sometimes these issues need to be addressed. Please comment if you expressed this in your church or have something to say on this matter.

Personal_note: Man will fail you but God doesn’t.


One thought on “The church has become a business and not a place of god

  1. All I got to say is I 100% agree I don;t know a church anywhere in my city that isn’t like this its a shame

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