James fanco just inspired me in Annapolis

James franco just made my saturday night. Not only is he an awesome actor but plays some interesting roles. I’m watching a movie called Annapolis. I got to say this movie is inspiring. The Lead actor is james franco who plays the role of someone trying out for the navy. This movie focus a lot about not giving up.

In this movie he has been told more than twice that he should give up. In fact his own father doubted him and expected him to fail. Then later training in the navy the head officer told him that he is bad news and should quit because his never gonna make it. He just ignore it and believed in himself and did what he had to do to succeed, and then even if that meant getting help.

Towards the end of this movie james franco turns things around learning and improving himself and finally succeeding. Its been a while since I seen a movie that inspired me so much. This movie is a must watch. Check out Annapolis. Trust you be inspired by the end of this movie.


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