Instagram for blackberry! Really?

Today I login my twitter only to see people uploading pics via instagram. Its make mad but not in a serious way, just with envy lol. I have a blackberry so there’s no instagram for us. So I began to google search to see if there is any possible way to use instagram on blackberry.

Wait don’t get to excited…

Unfortunately didn’t have any luck with that. There’s not even a mobile site where we blackberry users can use instagram. There was some false hope where there was an app that had instagram feeds but sucked because you couldn’t upload photo’s with it.

Blackberry is becoming extinct or elminated by the competition!

There are rumours that an instagram app is being made for blackberry 10 but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Oh well I will still be left out since having an older model of blackberry so that’s sucks. If you got a blackberry looking for an instagram alternative use pic mix. It ain’t all bad! Pic mix is just like instagram but available for blackberry or android users.

#personal_note: blackberry is a sinking ship with android and iphone in the lead with the latest apps blackberry is counted out. Even nokia with its windows 8 mobile phones has taken off and up the ranks on top. So even with blackberry 10 it still will fall because it lacks “B.I.S”.


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