Can’t remember the last time I got a phone call!

I’m sure you think this is a strange title for a post but I assure its true. I can’t remember the last time a friend or family member has called me. This exactly proves the theory of people becoming antisocial. The way we communication is using instant messengers like BBM or whatsapp to talk which gives us no reason to actually call.

To be honest using instant messengers makes me feel like I’m talking to strangers especially if you haven’t spoken to a friend in a long time. We say all we need to say on instant messengers right so that stops us from calling people. This is just my opinions I guess.

If it was your birthday would you rather have someone call you or text you? Text’s are fine but phone calls makes you actually feel like you talking to someone like they actually there. Maybe its just me whose starting to hate texting. All I know is texting made me a antisocial zombie and now I want live human contact interaction.


The best way I can put it is! Would you rather enjoy phone sex or real sex. Of course you choose real sex right! Because you get to interact physically. Life has become so static that we do not interact with one another but hide behind technology to do everything for us. No wonder people are so lazy and unfit its because we depend to much on technology.

#person_note: Remember even technology has its limits.


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