My apologies I Haven’t been blogging for a while

Hey! how you doing my blog friends and followers. My apologies for not posting. I have been caught up in my own little world lately. As my last post suggest my new possible job! Well that was a lie. Apparently people from my church who knew I was unemployed used me to do data capturing for our churches systems. My church is rich to the millions and they can’t afford to pay a guys whose hustling for about 3 days of updating their system. Sure that sucked being used by the church when I taught I was getting offered a job.

Oh well things do change my friend is doing a movie and offered to pay me for my time. Why can’t my rich church do that! I wonder. The past is the past no point holding a grudge time to move forward and enjoy the weekend to come.

On other news it is my niece’s birthday this weekend and my mom is cooking food outside for her on saturday. I can’t wait for that. Sadly I wouldn’t have enough time to spend with her due to filming this weekend but I guess I will have a few hours to make it count.

This week for me is an important one. My graphic design brand has to be redone due to another company having the same name. Have to get back to the drawing board and come up with a new name. I realised that I if don’t put myself out there that things will never change and I won’t be able to become a successful graphic designer. Once I’ve come up with a name I will create a facebook page for my work and designs.

As you can see its gonna be a busy week for me. So won’t be blogging until next week, so see you soon.


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