Can’t breathe, sick with asthma

Its feels like its been forever since I’ve blogged a post. Its an ice cold winter here in south africa and my asthma is acting up with the cold. I’ve been in bed all day and had a lot to think about? Questions to ask myself! Only when you get sick can you only understand the value of life.

This also made me realise I need to get fit and healthy. I’m out of shape and my little over lapping stomach is making it harder for me to breathe. I’m always out of breath and tire easily. I know today I suppose to do an inspirational monday post. Unfortunately I’m to sick and lazy to design something of inspiration today ,but I will make it up to you guys next week.

Sometimes I guess there’s a reason to get sick because we force ourselves to be so busy both physically and mentally. So the sickness simply forces us to rest when we wouldn’t. I’ve hadn’t had asthma like this in a very long time. Drinking hot water helps to ease the tight chest and my asthma inhaler doesn’t seem to be very effective. Just been struggling to breathe all day is a pain. I have some medication hope it works.


If anyone knows any home remedies for asthma please comment and let me know. Thank you.


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