Mark Zuckerberg just challenged me to become creative

I’m sure as you are reading this post you must be thinking what! He knows Mark Zuckerberg. The answer couldn’t be further from the truth. Last night I spent 6 hours downloading the social network. This movie I wanted to see in a long time but just couldn’t get my hands on it.

After watching this movie I felt challenged like mark zuckerberg was speaking to me hypothetically. I captured that moment of inspiration where mark was brain storming his idea’s for facebook. It also seems that I have some similar qualities like mark, because we both like to blog and share a lot. I’m certainly no mark zuckerbery but I hope to be someone like him that creates something of value to people and get rich from it.

Getting ReaL

This month I’ve been stagnate with my life, ideas and creativity. Believe it or not I haven’t shaven in a week and look like a caveman. Some how I was feeling down from not seeing any progress in my life. I’m working on a design brand once again because the name I once had is taken.

So starting over is frustrating. After watching the social network I realised its not good enough to just be passionate about your dreams because you will still fail. I’ve learn that you have to challenge yourself by doing things your haven’t done before, like a new sport or hobby. This allows you to stretch yourself to become more creative and think outside the box. If you just following your passions without challenging yourself you become stale without knowing it. Sometimes sticking to what you know limits you.

Well I owe my inspiration of today to Mark zuckerberg or at least his counter part from the social network.


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