Ironman 3 review – less iron more man

Where do I even start with this movie. After watching the trailer of Ironman 3 it gave me that dark knight rises feeling.
Finally got to see Ironman 3 with friends. The movie was certainly awesome. Its seems that Tony stark had more of a role than Ironman in this movie. That’s why in my title I called it less iron and more man.

As expected there was a lot of humour and action. Sadly to me the movie didn’t live up to the trailers expectation of the dark knight rises feeling. Another bad point was that they didn’t give a proper explanation to villains super powers. hey that’s just my opinion and not a fact. Other than that I still taught the movie is still worth watching if you an ironman fan.

The best part is, When you get to see an awesome finale with an army of ironmen in action. Don’t take my word for it but be your own judge and watch this movie.

On other news it’s rumoured that Robert Downey Junior does not want to act in any future ironman movies. Let’s hope that this is just a rumour and not truth. No one else could be a better ironman unless rebooted. Hopefully he will at least stick around until the next avengers movie.


4 thoughts on “Ironman 3 review – less iron more man

  1. I agree with you, the movie was a little disappointing for me. I did feel that the movie was similar to The Dark Knight rises in a few ways though, firstly with Harley and Robin as well as a sort of ‘end’ to Ironman when he destroyed his suits and took out his arc reactor.

    I haven’t heard that rumor before, but it breaks my heart to hear it. Robert Downey Jr. was an amazing Ironman, but at the same time I’m not really sure where this series of movies will go not that all his suits are gone. I hope it is not the truth as well.

    1. Thank you for your comment yes I share your taughts too. Not sure if there’s gonna be an iron man 4 but I really hope so. Guess like the dark knight rises being the last batman this might be the last ironman. It was a fun run tho hope ironman is in avengers 2 or its gonna look kinda crappy without him.

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