My new favorite instant messenger : wechat

Finally a new instant messenger that’s not bbm or whatsapp. Wechat is my new favourite instant messenger. This app is like both whatsapp and bbm in one but available for all types of smart phones. This app also has a feature to make new friends with its search feature, which allows you to find people in your area or city who are using this app.

What can I tell you about this app

Its fast,

You can instantly use voice chats which is cool,

You can easily add people by their phone number as contacts or make new friends with the search feature,

Has a clean and simple interface.

Its available for Iphone, android, nokia s40, symbian, blackberry and windows phone.

This app is perfect for every smartphone. I’m personal playing around with this app and testing it. Its surprising to see how many people around me are using it when I used the search feature.
Unlike whatsapp its free with no annoying license or need to update it every month. I just taught I’d share this app with you guys. Who knows you might be already using it. If you like to add me give me a shout or comment or tell me your version of this app.


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