Its official I have obesity!!!

What the hell I’m obese! Sorry mind my manners. Its a shock to me that I could have obesity. For the last weekend I couldn’t sleep due to my over weight choking the breathe out of me. Sure I have asthma but now life’s gotten a lot worse for me due to my obesity. What do I do. Just when you think your life is getting better something happens to set you back.

Its not just the sleeping anymore its everything. I’m out of breathe and tired just by walking around. My self esteem is at a all time low again. I tire easily and have no idea what to do. Its a tough battle now, one I have to fight alone. I’m scared never imagined I would become obese. I always taught obesity was for fat people. Dam I was wrong.

Now I have to start eating healthy and exercising regularly. So hate this why me! Only one problem I have is? How do you eat healthy when you have to eat what you are given. Cause I’m unemployed and have to eat what mum cooks. This is gonna be harder than I taught. Guess eating all those fast foods like kfc, mc donalds and nando’s caught up with me.

Honestly I have no idea what to do or how to do it. Wish I had some help cause I’ve been reading how bad obesity can get if not treated etc. Sure being positive is great but if no actions are taken, its possible to die of obesity.

If anyone has been through or overcame obesity! Please share your advice. It would be greatly appreciated thank you.


3 thoughts on “Its official I have obesity!!!

  1. I recently was told I have obesity by a doctor as well. I was drinking soda as my only liquid, had low self esteem, and was ready to quit. I told myself that i am going to change. If I believe hard enough, I will make it happen. I started blogging and it has helped motivate me to make a change in my life. The results are slowly starting to show and I am feeling much better about myself as well. If I can do it, you can to. The best thing about about blogging is the community is always here ready to support you. You can make a change and do it. Best of luck with everything.

    1. Firstly thank you for your advice means a lot to me. Its new to me dealing with obesity but doing my best to stay positive. You right that I can always rely on my blog community to cheer me up and be there for me. Thank you for your time and encouraging me. I can’t promise everything will be ok but will take it one day at a time.

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