Working on project X

Its time I’ve decided to stop looking at unemployment as bad thing I guess. I’m looking to start a new project something that gives me purpose again. Since I’m still not sure what that is! I decided to call it, Project X. Haha I know sounds pretty cool right. Projects are a good way to gain fulfilment and build confidence.

My goal was originally to inspire south africans to become entrepreneurs and be successful. What’s changed is! I’ve tried to connect with south africans and they are happy living their lives the way it is. I’ve asked questions on facebook, twitter and people around me and its seems south africans aren’t willing to change their life style for a better tomorrow.

So I decided to cancel that project which I had named SnippetSA .Now looking to start something new. I do have another project with a friend but that’s currently in the pipe works and gonna be awesome but this new project I want to do is a project for myself.

Right now blogging is my only passion. Even my passion for graphic design is a bit low because I’m lacking motivation these days and so my designs are coming out pretty lame. A new project is exactly what I need to fire up my life and get my motivational juices pumping again. Project X is still a blank for now but if anyone would like to suggest any cool Ideas. Your input would greatly appreciated.


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