I hate justin bieber and go to hell bielibers lol

I’m sure by now you know that justin bieber was in south africa just a few weeks ago and the sensation of biebers is pissing me off lol. Every girl I know is going crazy for justin bieber. I mean seriously girl its not like his gonna date you. So spare yourself the heart break his gone.

Regardless of justin’s departure girls around south african are like a cult of bielibers. This guy bieber comes here and seduces our women then leaves. I will just say it out loud. I am a anti justin bieber fan. I protest to no more biebers. Sure justin is a awesome singer. Its not personal I don’t hate him personally. I just hate the bielibers sensation.

Maybe I will get a lot of hate mail for this post but sometimes you gotta get stuff of your chest. If you a justin bieber fan cool. If you a bieliber I don’t like you hahaha. Its just my taught’s no need to get serious its not like its true. So belibe me or not its up to you.


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