Cheers to an awesome weekend

Its monday already so why am I saying cheers to the weekend that already past! Well its feels like its been forever since I had an awesome weekend with my friends. This weekend was exactly what I needed to de-stress. The best thing was I finally got to see fast and furious 6 which was awesome. Credit goes to oyeshan my friend who paid for the movie tickets and popcorn because I was broke. Sunday we gathered with friends to watch the wrestling ,some main event match.

Well there was a few hick cups along the way because my friend downloaded the wrestling from the internet but the file was to big and refused to play on the dvd player. So I had to convert and reduce the size of the video file which happen to work after! Finally we just started watching the wrestling and about to eat chips with dip until my friend got a phone call that changed everything.

My friend moses won the lotto and now is a millionaire. haha just kidding. No he got a call from his mother saying that someone had hit brother. So we rushed as fast as we could to see what happen. Apparently a drunk neighbour was started a fight. I won’t get into the details but my friend moses went to hit this drunk guy because after all he wants to protect his brother. Me and his brother basically had to hold him back from hitting that guy. Finally things did calmed down and that’s how my sunday ended with a bang.

Believe or not but I had the best sleep last night guess my stress levels went down after an awesome weekend.

A shout out to my friends Oyeshan who always knows how to give the bra’s (friends) a good time. Moses someone you can always count on. Zak wise and always giving awesome advice. Renaldo is wild card. He does the crazy and the unexpected things which leads to good times.


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