The truth about why guys use facebook

Its pretty simple why guys use facebook. To meet pretty girls and get their contact details. Like? Their whatsup number or bbm pin. So later they can brag to their friends about how they are friends with a beautiful girl.
Facebook is like a food menu where girls are the food. Meaning girls upload hot sexy photos all the time and guys can decide who they want to make friends with.

Where guys get it wrong!

Personally I’ve used facebook to meet girls for dates. The only problem is guys come off as to desperate when it comes to beautiful girls. What do I mean desperate?They comment to often! When a girl uploads a hot photo. They say the obvious, like she is beautiful , hot, pretty or sexy. Pretty girls know they hot! Stop reminding them what a hundred other guys have already told them. Also guys beg girls to invite them or bbm or whatsapp. Guys become like stalkers commenting on every status or photo just to get her attention! Which is lame! so guys become gentlemen and not stalkers.

Well all I’ve said so far is what guys do? I’m sure girls would agree. If you looking on how to charm and become friends with girls on facebook. Well I’ll be writing a article very soon on it so stay tuned.


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