I love anime & I love onepiece

You would never believe it when I tell you. I didn’t want to watch the anime onepiece. My friend convinced me to watch it and I took his word for it, because if he said its awesome! It usually is. Lmfao!!! I watched a few a episodes and I taught what shit is my friend telling me to watch. Still as crap as it was at first I still watched it because I had time and nothing to do. Then the unexpected happen! This show began to get so awesome and then I became addicted.

I’m so glad I didn’t give up on this anime. My friend has good taste when it comes anime so that’s why I took his advice. It was so good that I am on latest episode! Which is episode 598. This show is the best anime there is. It has adventure, action, awesome story and powers like you won’t believe. This is a anime that only gets better.

Unlike naruto or bleach, onpiece don’t keep going back and forth with locations. For example in naruto you always see the leaf village and in bleach you always see the soul society. Onepiece are pirates going on an adventure defeating strong foes and making new allies and always on the run from government. Most of all its funny and makes you laugh. I love other anime series but this one gotta be my favorite.

To the fan’s Onepiece

Whose your favorite character?

Mine is zorro and Trafalgar law

Do you guys think nami or robin nico is hotter?

You gotta love onepiece so let me leave you with this. When onepiece hits episode 600. My friend is about to recap onepiece from episodes 1 to 600 so if you a fan you know how awesome that’s gonna be.


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