Clueless about my life!!!

Haven’t you ever woken up with the feeling that something is missing. I have! Right now my life doesn’t make any sense. Despite me being unemployed I used to feel a live but I guess I got used to being disappointed, to the point I stop trying. My life is on pause and afraid to try anything because if I press play I might have to face going through another set of hard times.

I guess no one can ever be ready when hard times come. It’s making decisions I guess that makes me clueless. If I do that! What if that’s the wrong decision. Its nerve wrecking trying to make all these choices wondering weather or not it will work out due past failures.

I’ve made to many bad decisions and now I am now paying the price for it. The question I have is how do I get back up and start over. Guess I’ve been on pause for to long now. I’m clueless right now on what to do! Things are hard at home. Things are with my health and most of all things are hard in my personal life.

This is not me saying I’ve given up. This is me saying its time to get up. I may lack the motivation right now but’s that’s ok. As clueless as I am! I’m going to believe that if I try to do something despite these hard times, then maybe it will lead to something good some how. Its a fools dream to believe such things but then again I am a fool for success. What do you think?


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