Block buster sunday did hangover 3 suck?

Hangover seems to be the most talked about movie other than fast and furious 6. To be honest I’ve never watched hangover 1 and 2, but a weekend with friends who wanted to watch hangover 3! So I did. I’m a movie guy so despite not watching the first 2 hangovers I caught on quickly. I taught the movie was pretty funny. But later on today I checked my facebook and some people who had also watched it said that it sucked. Also when my cousin visited he also said it sucked.

Maybe compared to the first two hangover movies, the third one wasn’t as good right! But I don’t think it sucked. The movie was funny. Had action. A good combination I think. Besides I think it had an epic ending putting the hangover franchise to rest with the wedding and flash backs of where it all began.

So I appeal to the hangover fan’s what do you think? Did hangover 3 suck or not.


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