Women are a distraction in my life, but don’t want to be single so I taught?

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Finally just when you think you ready to quite the single life and get back into the dating game. Until the unexpected happens that you makes realise that you wasn’t. Yesterday I got a friend request from a girl on facebook. So of course I accepted. Later that day she inboxes me private messages asking me how I am and that she’s like to be friends. So I replied the best I could. After all that she asked me for my BBM pin (blackberry messenger). So I gave her.

I so regret giving her my BBM pin because she’s crazy, insecure and desperate for attention but I will get to that in a bit. We started chatting on BBM and then things got personal. She started asking about my love life. If I was married, dating or single. I told her I was single and asked her the same question. she said she was also single. She was showing interest In me so I did the same.

Things went downhill after she asked me if I’m going for a certain party. I told her that I’m not sure because there’s a wedding in my family that I have to go to. But actually its my neighbour daughter that’s getting married. So she asked me if I could take her to the wedding. I wasn’t sure how to answer that question. So I said yes thinking she’s joking or flirting. Then she tells me she’s serious. I took long to reply this time. Then sends me another message now. This time she’s upset saying oh its not like I’m your girl friend or anything.

So I replied and said yes we just friends and we barely know each other. Then she said ok but I want to get to know you. So I said yeah sure. But 20 minutes later she’s gone crazy again ,Saying! You keep on telling me you want to get to know me, I can’t wait anymore, I waited so long. You don’t even want to give me 5 minutes of happiness.

So I asked her what do you want from me. She replied and said. I want to be with you but I’m unhappy and not even you want to make me happy, what must I do huh. She refused to listen to anything I was saying. Then she tells me “Good bye you may not believe it but in what ever I had left of a heart, I love you, there’s no one else I can love”. I was like what the hell she loves me I only got to know her a few hours ago. I knew I needed to end things quickly before this girl becomes obsessed.

Then finally I stop replying to her messages. Her final message to me was “Goodbye Vishal there’s no use me having you here cause you just breaking my heart even more”. I was so relieved but I couldn’t handle this anymore. She was suffocating me. This proves that I’m no where ready to be in. a relationship anytime soon.

Personal note: The weird thing is earlier that day I was talking to my friend zak and told him that I wanted a relationship like he has with a girl friend. Then He tells how his having problems and left his girl friend. When I went home after visiting my friend zak. The exact same problem he had happened to me. When I got home that crazy girl invited me on facebook. Zak somehow you passed on your power of girlfriend problems to me. #Lmao Zak never asking you for your advice about women ever again I barely survived this time #lol.


3 thoughts on “Women are a distraction in my life, but don’t want to be single so I taught?

  1. lmao now hold on a second. My manly powers allow me to get rid of psycho people,certain psycho girls and not be bothered. lol it’s only been 2 days and I feel awesome. You’re right, i gave you the power of lady problems,enjoy it coz i don’t want it back lol my advice is gold pssht

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