Time to make a movies list of movies I haven’t seen!

Everyone seems to forget dvd’s or bluray movies when a blockbuster movie is on cinema. I guarantee you there are still a lot of movies on dvd/bluray that you and I probably haven’t seen or forgot about. That’s why I’m putting together a list of movies both new and old that I haven’t seen. Movies are awesome why not enjoy it to its best. The movie list I compiled so far is what I could think of so far but I’m sure there’s many more movies still worth watching.

My movie list

Brooklyn’s finest

Mission impossible ghost protocol

Sky fall

Hansel and gretel

The internship

Thor dark world

Star trek into the darkness

GI Joe 2

Hunger games

Hangover 1 & 2

Alvin and the chipmunks : chipwrecked


Cow boys and aliens



Sucker punch



So why blog about a movie list! For one its to give you and idea of what you could be missing. Second so if I ever forget what movies I haven’t seen. I know its backed up on my blog. So people enjoy movies the best way you can. With friends or family, popcorn and coke. Have an awesome weekend and you might want to check out the new startrek into the darkness movie 🙂


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