Awesome weekend at my neighbours wedding

Finally a weekend with a difference. My neighbours daughter is getting married. It was a hindu wedding, so the events started from friday night, saturday night, and finally the wedding on sunday. My neighbours house is colourful with lights and decor cause it is hindu custom. Our neighbourhood hasn’t been this lively for a while.

Guess I did benefit from this wedding. Celebrating someone else’s happiness like a wedding helped me get out of my own reality. Also I got to socialise with 2 girls in my neighbourhood. They sisters. We hardly see each other unless there’s a a birthday party or wedding in the area.

They sweet and pretty. If it wasn’t for them I’d bored without any company. I’d be left to sit with aunties otherwise. Nothing but female company at a wedding to make a guy look good. Also a small rumour at the wedding that people taught one of them was my girlfriend. Well people talk for nothing #lol. I did get to enjoy myself so that’s all that mattered.

I’m so tired now writing this post expressing my weekend. Just glad to celebrate something. I learnt that money, success, fame means nothing if you don’t have people to share it with.


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