Many bloggers like myself put a lot of taught into a blog post. In fact this very post was inspired by that very taught. Today I taught to myself I’d do a blog post but couldn’t really think of what to blog about. Then I realised how much taught we bloggers put into every post. This really makes you appreciate blogging a lot more ,but what pisses me off is people who copy and paste (steal) content, just to drive traffic to their blogs.

Things people think about when writing a blog article!

I wonder how many comments or likes I’d get for this post

Is my article good enough

I need a better blog title so people will read my blog

Did people understand the message I was trying to send.

These are just a few examples and not taught’s you think about out loud but unconsciously. Its takes me about an hour to finish a blog post. Why am I saying this? Because I appreciate the effort that people put into blogging.

Anyone can blog about anything but its your passion that drives you to write awesome articles in the end. So what do you think about? When you blog. Let me know or comment so others can relate with you 🙂


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