Yesterday my friend calls me and tells me to be ready we going to the beach front with his girlfriend and her friend. So I would have to keep her company. Actually I wasn’t in the mood of going especially on a fake kind of double date. I made some excuses that was true because I hadn’t shaven in days and needed a hair to get out of going. My friend says there’s still time so I must go do that. So I did. Then I realised it would make a good blog post if I did go.

Finally my friend picks me up. His girlfriend already in the car and then we went to pick up his girlfriends friend. We finally at her house. I was hoping she was young, cute or easily to get along with. We outside her house now and she’s coming to the car. Omg she’s was an aunty in her 30’s and I’m gonna be stuck with for the rest of the night.

Well I had no choice now! So I did it as a favour to my friend. It wasn’t easy making conversation talking to her. We had nothing in common. I told my friend when we was alone for a moment I’m gonna kill him and he owes me one. Well finally somewhere towards the night the aunty/lady started talking a bit. At least then things eased up.

One thing I don’t get is that a girlfriend’s friend suppose to be hotter but in my case it wasn’t. Honestly I can’t complain because this is the thing friends do to help their friends out. Well the night went faster than we taught. Then we all had supper and relaxed a bit.

Now the had part as getting back to the car after eating. You what happen was we parked the car and walked so far along the beach. So getting back after eating was tiring and what made it worst was we forgot where we parked the car. So we walked and walked and finally we remembered and found the car. For me that was it. I was tired. Couldn’t move my legs no more. Finally got home and it was finally over.


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