Weekend madness making a movie #legacyofsteel

This weekend was a busy weekend for me, helping on set to make a movie legacy of steel. It is a south african movie based in durban city. Where I’m from. I taught I’d share this experience and reveal the movie trailer and show you the work that was put into this movie.

Of course credit goes to my friend and director renaldo e kell for editing this trailer. A special thanks to the cast for their time and effort this weekend. Its been a busy weekend working from friday night, saturday morning to sunday non stop. Also a special thanks to oyeshan reddy for letting us invade his house for saturday mid day’s shoot.

Unfortunately I couldn’t take any photo’s since I was doing the lighting and booming so I guess I should give myself a special thanks as well lmao. Next time I will get some behind the scenes footage for you guys. So I can show you what goes on the set of a movie. For any info on the movie just look up the hash tag #legacyofsteel on twitter and facebook 🙂


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