Digital vs print media so why am I talking about this and how does it affect me? My dad is in the print media industry. So lately he has been on short time because there isn’t enough work. Why? Because digital media is taking over and print media is become less in demand.

Digital media is everywhere from your mobile phone, ipad, tablet and pc. You can read digital media for free and its also interactive reaching a wider audience. Books, magazines and news papers are all gone digital , costing a lot less and saving money. Print media will never be dead completely because the older generation like my uncles and grandfathers still prefer the good old fashion news paper.

I’m involved a lot in digital media myself. I can design digital magazines, ads and so on. I haven’t made a career out of it just yet but I’m hoping to ,so I can help my dad and do what I love.

The point of this post is to keep up with the times or you will find yourself with no place in this world ,meaning employment or technology.


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