The truth is I don’t believe there’s such a thing as ugly girls but society has branded people otherwise. If you don’t look pretty then you ugly. Its harsh but that’s how people talk especially guys. Attraction hasn’t have anything to do with looks. Chemistry between 2 people creates attraction. If you like someone because they beautiful then that’s just lust.

So why is this post called the ugly girl bible.

I discovered that girls who aren’t attractive(ugly girls) use desperate measures to get guys attention. Why because guys are more interested in beautiful women. So ugly girls will use their bodies to get attention like?, dress sluty, show a lot of cleavage, easily allow a guy to have sex with them. This is the truth. I’ve personally tested this theory.

On facebook I sometimes choose to flirt with the most unattractive girls I can find and often sometimes hint sexual things to see if she’s interested in sex as an experiment. 90% of the time she is interested sexually. Once I mentioned that I wanted to have oral sex with her and pleasure her. Guess what she couldn’t resist. Unattractive girls are an open book like reading from a bible. Knowing exactly what to expect.

This isn’t a good thing but I’m just speaking the truth. Unattractive girls have to drop their standards so that they can be wanted. No wonder there’s so many women with low self esteem and insecurity issues its sad. Let’s make a better society by respecting yourself and our bodies and be true yourselves ladies.

Please note this is not a post to discriminate women but to let them know that they don’t have to resort to such measures to be loved or attract someone. You perfect the way you are just have to find that special someone who loves you for you


2 thoughts on “The ugly girl bible

  1. Vishal! It’s Carolina, the girl whose dream is going to New York. I’ve just started my blog under a nickname simply because I don’t want any acquaintances to know that this is me! This is my chance to express myself freely. I guess we can interact much more now since we both have blogs in wordpress! I’ll surely visit your blog regularly. By the way, the last topic you have mentioned is a very difficult one… I’m a girl myself, so it’s even harder for me as you can imagine. No matter whether you are beautiful or not this is always a hot topic… I have friends who sleep with a thousand guys a week, in spite of their beauty, and are way too explicit, and I have also other friends wo are also gorgeous, and they prefer to wait until they get married to sleep with the right person. I’m still a virgin, but I supposed that is because I’ve always been afraid of sleeping with men… Who knows why! Well, that’s my comment for today. See you…!

    1. Hey Carolina 🙂 I remember you very well. Nice to here from you again. Yeah you right it was a hot topic to talk about. I was just sharing my experiences when writing that post. Yeah I know what you mean, I would of still of been a virgin by now if I wasn’t pressured (peer pressure) in to having sex at the age of 26. I totally regret so I think its good that you would want to wait and little afraid. Don’t worry when you find the right guy it will happen. Yeah love to interact with you now more that you have a wordpress blog 🙂 hope to hear from you again

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