My obsession with black beautiful women or is it just a phase?

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To be honest I have no idea where this obsession came from? But I have a lustful eye for black beautiful women lately. A very strong impulse that’s driving me. A few years ago I had the same obsession with japanese asian women. Maybe because lately I have made a lot friends with quite a few very attractive black women.

Is this just a phase? Who knows! But I have no control over this impulse to charm and make friends with attractive black women who are sometimes thick and must have sexy legs. Don’t judge me on an impulse or my confession. Its just the truth as I see it. What’s wrong with lusting it doesn’t hurts anyone but myself I guess.

Would I ever date a black women? That’s quite tough to answer, maybe yes. Marry no! I wouldn’t generally marry outside my race because of family issues can become really complicated. No I am not a racist. Just don’t want family race politics to tear a relationship apart.

All I can say is? I blame twitter, facebook and all these social media apps that show all these sexy profile pictures of you fine beautiful black women. That’s just the reality of things. Well I wonder how long this phase will last #LOL.


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