Zak khan made me watch Shootout at Wadala and now the review

This week the most unexpected thing happened to me. I went to visit a friend had an awesome time but then as I began to leave my friend insisted, no he demanded that I watch Shootout at wadala. Its a hindi film supposedly good. He went through every dvd case he could find. Just to find a blank dvd to burn the movie for me. So I had no choice but to watch it even if I’m not much a fan of hindi movies.

The Review

I can describe this movie with one word! Awesome. Its based on a true story where one man brought the india police to its knees as my friend zak would say. The basic plot is about the main character Manya surve who is falsely arrested for his brothers crime. Later Manya surve escapes prison with a hatred for the police and starts his own gang taking over the streets of india. killing of one gang at a time and building his reputations as the rising kingpin.

Soon Manya surve was a name to be feared. Unfortunately for Manya in the end he got cocky and let his guard down and was killed by the police. This is basically a summary of the movie. In fact there’s a whole lot of story I could tell to you ,but I won’t and suggest you just watch it for yourself and tell me what you think. For a hindi movie the story was to awesome.


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