Cellc is killing my dream of uncapped data (bis)

Today while checking my facebook, twitter and updating my blog I got a message from my network service provide for my blackberry internet service. Telling me we are no longer gonna get uncapped internet.

The message states “To help ensure that all customers have fair and equal use of the BlackBerry service and to prevent improper or excessive usage, Cell C is updating its BlackBerry fair usage policy. With effect from 19th August BIS and BES users will receive 2GB DATA for BlackBerry usage over 30 days, while Social Plan or Social & Email Plan users will receive 1GB DATA for BlackBerry usage over 30 days. If this DATA is used up, then any FREE data on your account will be depleted. Thereafter you will be charged 15c per MB. Go to http://m.cellc.co.za/fairusagepolicy for more details. T&Cs apply”

The only reason I got a blackberry is because of uncapped internet. Sure 1gig or 2gig sounds fair but data like that on a smart phone barely lasts with apps updating all the time. Oh well I have to brace myself to these changes and try to accept them the best I can. Might as well get myself a android , or nokia windows phone which is better than a blackberry anyway.


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