Breaking certain family ties

This is not a post I never intended of ever writing but when someone pisses you off and that someone is your family. Well that breaks my heart. For a while now my auntie always phones to belittle me in front of my mom. She’s says things like why I’m unemployed for so long. He must wake up and do something. He must find a job in the factory or go study.

She also compares me to her children and saying how easily they get jobs. I love my cousins but my auntie drives me crazy and makes me feel like shit. Excuse me for not having a degree or a college education like your children dear auntie. I wanna study something so badly but I don’t have the money and can’t get a job. Even when I do get a job my anxiety screws things up for me.

Yes I am a mess but I don’t treat family like shit. Like Vin diesel says in fast and furious 6 “you don’t turn your back on family even when they do”. I don’t want to turn my back on family but they don’t make it easy. Its hard to pretend like I didn’t hear anything what my auntie says, when she’s phones every week to remind my mom.

What’s worse she’s a Christian a person who suppose to encourage people and not make them feel like they don’t have any self worth. Like it or not I am who I am. A talented self employed graphic designer with big dreams of success.


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