The new mystery girl on my street whom I lust for!

Today and few days last week. I noticed a green car go down my road and in the back set I would see this cute girl. Without fail today I seen her again go past. The mystery is who is she? and how long has she been around cause I never seen her before. My road is quite small and if anyone new had moved in I’d know about it.

I’m still confused on who she is. Maybe she’s a niece, or cousin to someone who lives here. I got nothing to go on here. If somehow I knew her name then at least I’ll be able to stalk her on facebook and learn who she is. Then get to know her and become friends. Everything after that is fair game and I don’t mean sex. Maybe relationship that leads to sex.

Still it is a surprise to me that someone so pretty was hidden all this time under my nose. Call it lust, love or desire but I want to meet this girl. Only hope she’s not in school I’m done with that. 18 and over from now on #lmao. The mystery continues I guess. To my readers ,have an awesome week and thank you visiting. You make writing blog posts about my life worth while.


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