Watching #Suits season 3 and my review

Finally I got my hands on the latest episode of suits season 3. If you wondering what I’m talking about. Suits is a law show that triumphs over all other law shows. If you a fan like I am then you know the first episode is enough to get you hooked.

Introductions aside! Today I’ve watched episode 6 which is kinda like a prequel because they show you the back story of how mike ross got expelled from Harvard and how Harvey left the DA’s office to work for jessica. Also some back story on harvey and donna’s relationship.

My Review on season 3 of suits

All I can say is for a law show its awesome. It has great story and villains. Each season with its own drama and battles. Season 3 has done it again with some new twists in the story. Now there’s a british counter parts of both harvey and louis. Also now harvey back stabs jessica to become a managing partner. There’s just so much going on I don’t know what to expect but also can’t wait for the next episode to see what happens.

My thoughts on future episodes

I’d like to see mike cheat on Rachel with katrina. Even though mike and katrina are rivals but they also make a good team. Also I’d like to see travis tanner return since he was so bad ass of a villain.


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