I’m having a mid life crisis, what’s that lol

When you hear yourself say I’m having a mid life crisis you know you getting old fast. I’m having a hard time accepting this. I feel like I’m still 23 years old when I’m actually turning 29 in november. Getting old sucks means dating older women like from 24 to 30 years old. I prefer women from 19 to 24 years because they have less expectations and not looking to settle down or something serious.

I’m still not sure what a mid life crisis is but i guess it comes with age. Maybe it means more responsibility. I think it hit me first when I first realised I was getting a little bald but otherwise its because I’m trying to find out who I am. Finding myself may sound corny or something you would hear in a movie. Never the less its truth. I’m not sure who I am because how my life has turned out. I thought by now I’d have some kind of success even if its small.

Now that I am turning 29 soon with no success in my life, no relationship makes you think and doubt ones self. Maybe this is just a monday blue moment. Who knows. Regardless tomorrow I’m seeking help and hope things go well. I do feel younger than I am just wish I was but life isn’t over yet just a new chapter. Maybe my 30’s my be moment I strike success but I’m hoping to do it before I hit 30.


2 thoughts on “I’m having a mid life crisis, what’s that lol

  1. You are still young and missing nothing. Don’t attempt to change yourself by force. Do what you like, live life however you like, maybe even take up a hobby, date who you want, don’t appear or try to be something you are not and smile.

    I am almost 18 now, not sure you remember me, I kinda went *poof* one day but I can tell you that, even though life is really far from that bed of roses, it will still reward you if you learn to cherish the simple things. It took me a while and I still haven’t accepted who I am currently and how I got here but it will be a slow road.

    Make each day count, whether you go hiking or just read a good book, find a small pleasure in your day and accept the fact that humans are meant to change and even getting to be the opposite of what they have been years or decades ago.

    I may simply sound like a kid that seeing the world from her pink comfy castle but I am actually far from that. Still, I do believe that there’s hope for me out there. Also, as much as I want to turn back time and hold on to something with both hands, it simply doesn’t work that way.

    So keep your head held high, smile, laugh and cry when you have to and don’t think it’s too late or too early for anything. Life has it’s own pace and the only tool you have against it is hard work and an easy-going attitude.

    It might seem odd that someone much younger is saying those things but really, from the little exchanges we had quite a while ago, you seemed like a great guy and I have my share of depressions and bad things. Just be yourself, write things out (it really helps to acknowledge things, especially on WordPress as there are lots of nice persons here to guide you along) and don’t glare at Life too much. You will get there. 🙂

    1. Wow I didn’t expect that, I meant that in a good way. That’s quite the comment and thank you. yeah sure I remember you its been a while since we chatted. For someone so young you have quite the wisdom. Thank you for inspiring me with your comment. I’ve been feeling so down lately with no success in life I just hit a dead end and wrote this post. Maybe I needed to hear what you had to say so I could pick myself up and start over. I must say I needed to hear that so thank you again. Hope you are well love to hear from you again 🙂

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