Last night was sin at the strip club

All I can say is! Wow what a night was last night. Yesterday my friend came down from jozi which is kinda far from where I am. We met up last night. My friend insisted we go out because it was a boring night and wanted to do something before he went back. Unfortunately neither of us has a car or a drivers license so we hired a taxi instead. The question now was where to? Most of the places was closed accept for our old friend the strip club.

So we decided we’d go to the strip club. Finally we get there thinking it would be empty but for a thursday night, it was the busiest night ever. More people than strippers. The price had gone up since we been there but they included a free buffet I think was the word. Anyway free food all you can eat with the entry fee. I was curious to see what food they would serve but it was kinda hard to focus with so many distractions.

Thankfully my other friend zak had a assignment due today otherwise we would of dragged him along. Anyway sitting and relaxing talking with my friend enjoying the show. A stripper comes and sits with us telling us her background story and then asks us if we want a lap dance. I said it was to early for that cause we just gotten there but my friend went instead. So my friend comes back after that 50% satisfied I think lol.

So time went by talking watching the strip shows while drinking coke. This time 2 strippers approach us. So me and my friend both had one stripper each. My stripper saw I was kinda shy and was trying opening me up by doing some nawty things in a friendly way which was hot. She did a table dance for me and my friend which was like a mini lap dance and she was teasing me by opening her legs wide and winking and blowing kisses to me.

After that amazing dance I was kinda turned on. Then my friend paid the stripper and put some money in my hand. My friend whispered to my stripper and then she takes my hand. She makes me walk with her to a private room for a lap dance.

I’m alone with a stripper shy as hell and she notices it and tells me how cute that is. She finally begins to dance. I’m nervous taking deep breathes and enjoying the show. She slowing stripes naked rubbing her breasts on my face and mouth. As she was dancing on me like riding me ,she kisses my neck and licked my ears. For the first time in many times I’ve been to the strip club. This was the 1st time I was really turned on. A few moans here and there. It was the best lap dance I ever had. Mostly because she had such a great personality and made me feel comfortable.

Guess my friend was right because we argued before coming here to change our clothes because last time we was wearing jeans and couldn’t feel a thing.
After that lap dance I felt a live. Nawty even and wishing for sex. Guess sin and temptation was more than I could handle last night. When I got back my friend was gone for his own lap dance. When he came back we watched a few more dance shows. Finally decided it was time to go home. So I had to go to the toilet and phone the taxi driver or taxi company to pick us up. That’s how an epic night of sin ended. Guess I needed a night out like that after the day I’ve been through. If you read my post about fighting against anxiety.

I don’t regret what I’ve done last night it was just a night of harmless fun but its something we probably won’t do for a while.


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