Giving Google plus a second shot

I’m a social media fanatic. Love socialising and connecting with people. Unfortunately my past experience with google plus was kind of disappointing. Well I’m bored kind of unemployed and with time to spare. So I’m giving google plus a second chance.

Since I’m a mobile blogger and social trender, I use google plus on the mobile site. I don’t have an app because blackberry doesn’t have an app yet. Anyway the mobile site is pretty clean and neat better than facebook I think. Just have a problem connecting with people there.

Its seems people only use google plus profiles to share links and share their brands. I’m kinda guilty of that to. Maybe if I added more peoples personal profiles on google plus I’d have more interaction. Also people hardly up date their profiles unless their a popular brand. I find google plus to be boring but sharing my links there do rank up in google search engines.

To be honest I think google plus has a lot of potential but maybe we need to give it a little more time before people actually get into it or catch with the trend. As for me I’ll still use it but not as much as use I twitter or my wordpress blog. Google plus still has a long way to go before anyone really takes it seriously.


2 thoughts on “Giving Google plus a second shot

  1. I am a huge fan of g+. In just 2 years it has amassed ~400M users. It’s a different platform from fb, but a very engaging and intellectual community. Especially for those that like tech, social media, and info sharing. We have to connect on there! I’ll PM you me details!

    1. Wow that sounds different from my experience #lol, I’m sure I’m using it wrong I just don’t get it sometimes. Maybe you can show me a thing or 2. By the way thanks for the PM, I got it and followed you also on googleplus. Also love ur blog and thanks for commenting/visitng mine 🙂

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