Almost got sued for blogging about people on facebook

Almost got sued for blogging about people on facebook

Getting sued is no joke but the reason I was getting sued was! I wrote a article a while back about how some people get famous through facebook. Because I thought it was interesting and would make a great article. So I wrote the article. The other people I wrote about had no problem with my article accept for this one girl. She insisted I take off the article. I didn’t write anything bad about her. In fact I wrote good things.

She had a problem with it and inboxed me on facebook asking me who gave me permission to write about her. She argued for a while as I tried to take it all in. Guess I assumed I had freedom of speech until she threaten me with a law suit. It was scary at 1st but luckily for me my friend is studying law and i got his advice. My friend advised me that she can’t sue me as long as I didn’t break defamation of character, which I didn’t.

Even with the law on my side I didn’t want to piss off this girl anymore. So I took off the article. After all her bullshit, she told me its great what you doing and that maybe if I got to know her better maybe then she would let me write about her after asking for permission of course. Lmao she unfriended me on facebook after that conversation so her words was lies. Maybe I shouldn’t of been nice in the article. In all honesty it was a great article but one I had to discard thanks to miss high and mighty.

Sometimes doing nice things don’t pay of, instead you get sued. So anyone writing articles about people make sure not to break that person’s defamation of character or will get sued. This is just a tip and advice to all your bloggers. Learn from my mistakes and keep on writing.


4 thoughts on “Almost got sued for blogging about people on facebook

  1. Why not just take out the part that concerned her? :O

    Anyway yes, it’s the internet and that is more important than most things you undo in real life. Suit and pointing fingers can really sting so that’s great advice.

    Still…I would have understood her reaction if it was somehow hurting her image but since you say you only wrote good things about her…Well, why not let her root in her diva-induced mindset. take down only the part that included her , and don’t give her that much importance? It was free promotion, after all.

    1. They you tnx for visiting again. Yeah I wanted to take out just her part of the article but she pissed me off so much that in the heat of the moment I deleted the whole article. Eish I learnt my lesson when dealing with facebook drama queens. Hey I like the changes on your blog the look. Need to catch up on my blog reading so will visiting ur blog soon.

      1. Thank you. I kinda want to add a header and stuff but I couldn’t bring myself to open Photoshop and make something that would represent me. And don’t you worry, I also fell behind blog reading. Too many awesome people blogging around

      2. My pleasure haha don’t stress when the time is write I’m sure the inspiration will hit for you to design your header just don’t rush it. Thanks yes to many awesome bloggers around and you one of mine. So will be reading your blog today **,

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