frienships drifting apart

Once there was 4 and then there was 2. Now there is one left. I have awesome friends. It used to always be the 4 of us all the time until… I’ll get to that later. We used to be like those guys from the hangover movies doing crazy shit literally. Its hard to accept it that those days are over.

Today is sunday I’m bored out of my mind. Friends are busy so can’t meet up or do anything. I’m alone! Everyone is grown up got their own responsibilities. Yes we chat sometimes through bbm, whatsapp or facebook but it isn’t the same as interacting, laughing and having fun together. Maybe we gotten older and these suppose to happen who knows.

Remember earlier when I said then there was 4 then 2 and finally 1. The reason for that is? When one of your friends tends to get a girl friend she comes 1st. She gives him sex so you know we can’t really compete with that. Then the 2nd friend gets a job out of town. Well friend number 3 is still around until he finally gets a girl friend.

I admit I feel alone sometimes. Sure I have female friends and girls that do want to date me. I just don’t feel like being in a relationship right now cause I don’t think I’m ready for such a commitment. I want to sort my career life out 1st. Once things kick off there I’ll start dating again.

We’ve had some good times. This post is a memory of what was once was. We all still friends but living individual lives. I couldn’t ask for better friends. In memory of the good old days


2 thoughts on “frienships drifting apart

    1. Yeah exactly its sad but guess that’s how life is. Maybe with time people grown apart. I don’t know but I’m having a hard time adapting.

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