My dog is sick :(

Its been a few days now since I notice my dog “king” was feeling extremely hot and noticed sores appear on his face. Its a skin disorder called hot spots. This usually happens every spring and summer but never this bad. Normally if you cut the hair around the sore it dries up and heal. It did heal for a bit until new sores appears on the other side of his face. I’m feeling so sorry for him because his not behaving like his usual self.

I couldn’t take it anymore and had to go see my veterinarian. My veterinarian is a cool guy and most of the trips there are worth it because his wife is the reception. Why that is important is! His wife is young and beautiful like a model. The service is great and his wife is flirtatious in a conversational way.

Anyway my veterinarian gave me some strong medication which I had given my dog in past to heal his sores (hot spots). I’m sure he will get better now. I feel a little less stressed now that i have my dog’s medication. Come to think of it I had a panic attack worrying about him yesterday. You know I love my dogs a lot. I’ve made many sacrifices for them because they more than just dogs to me, they family.


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