Using #Operamini browser to discover a new social society

Yesterday I was playing around with my phone looking for something to do. I usually browse the internet using operamini because its cheaper to use with data. So I was checking my bookmarks on my operamini browser I came cross Myopera community. Myopera community is a social network slash blog platform purely designed to work on any mobile device that uses the operamini browser.

So last night I began to experiment with Myopera community. Created a email with opera community which you don’t have to do. You can also just sign up with your own gmail or yahoo email. Anyway once I’ve done that, I created a profile filled in some details and clicked done. Now signed in my account to browse and see what this community was about.

I was kinda of impressed because this community is like facebook but with more features. Unlike facebook you don’t have a wall but a blog page where you can put anything from sharing photos, to youtube videos or just write content about your life. You can create groups or forums. The best part of this community for me is? Its made for mobile specifically operamini browsers.

These are simple screenshots I took with my blackberry of course I had to edit them because you can’t view the whole page in a screeshot.

You can customise your blog page from the way it looks and edit it the way you want straight from your operamini browser. You don’t even need a smart phone to manage your myopera blog. Its works on all phones with operamini which is everyphone these days 🙂 . I love blogging on my wordpress blog from my blackberry but wordpress isn’t 100% mobile friendly. I can’t edit my wordpress blog on my mobile. I’m just saying if you love to blog and can’t because of technically issues! Then signup and use myopera community to blog, its easy.

Oh I only have been using it from last night and 5 people already invited me to be friends how awesome is that 🙂


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